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The Chi Machine

Developed in Japan by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, The Chi Machine® is a whole body therapeutic massager that offers a range of health benefits. Simply place your feet on the footrest, lay on your back and let the Chi Machine® gently swing you back to better health.

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E-Power Machine

Originally called "Electro-Medicine" in Japan many years ago, the E-Power machine helps to balance the body's positive and negative charged ions through negative potential. Recharge your body and let the E-Power repair your body at the cellular level.

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2-In-1 Cellulite Control & Muscles/Joint Pain Reliever

Body Profile Cream

Using mixed natural ingredients such as ginger oil, guarana extract and cinnamon oil, this multi-purpose cream is applied onto the body to activate blood circulation, reduce water retention and increase metabolism, thus toning and tightening troubled areas such as cellulite and loose skin. Also effectively used to relieve muscle pains and stiff joints.

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Far Infrared (FIR) Technology Therapy

Therapeutic Warmth To Help You Relax, Calm, Ease Stiff Aches & Pains.

FIR Heating Pad


Unlike conventional heating pads, the SOQI FIR Pad uses Far Infrared technology. This is similar to the safe light rays emitted from our sun. Simply lay down and let its therapeutic warmth help you relax tensed muscles, ease stiff joints, and calm muscle spasms.

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FIR Waist Support Belt


Similar to the FIR Pad technology, this FIR Waist Support Belt provides an excellent lumbar support and aids relief by soothing back pains, aches and stiffness. Using your own body temperature to activate FIR energy, it promotes circulation to your back area reducing fatigue.

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