About Us

These are our own personal stories and struggles with health issues and why we started ZenKinetix.

~ Daniel Rucerito

When we're young, it's easy to take our health for granted. We do crazy things, take our bodies to the limit and sometimes unknowingly hurt ourselves in the process. As we age, some of these things that we did start taking a toll on our bodies. It's typically at this point where we begin to scramble from one doctor to the other in search of answers to figure out what’s wrong with us.

At the tender age of 12 right before puberty began, I had already started hitting the gym and working out like nobody’s business. I would use my brother's home gym equipment and workout 3-4 times a week lifting heavy weights for 1-2 hours each session. This became routine all throughout my teenage years and up until my late 20's. All those years of working out in the gym paid off in some ways; it made me much stronger and very fit looking.

However, it also created some serious underlying issues that I never knew would surface in the later part of my life.

I remember an incident when I was 28 years old (at the gym again of course!) in the middle of doing the butterfly press machine, when I felt a strange pop come from the back of my right shoulder. This was the start of a long line of symptoms that surfaced over the next few years. The rest was history…

"My body and health were never the same again."

From the many years of working out in the gym, I had unconsciously tightened up my body in such a way that it didn't allow me to grow properly. I was internally twisted and had developed muscle knots in various parts of my body. This is what began a series of different symptoms and problems, which I didn't know were all related and connected until many years later.

By late 2008 in my early 30's, my health was in a downward spiral. During this time, I was living in Southeast Asia. I began experiencing multiple symptoms of repeated sinus infections, serious headaches, random ringing and clicking sounds in both ears every time I'd swallow anything, jaw tightness and unformed stools coupled with frequent bad bowel movements. I also still had that strange popping sensation in my right shoulder blade area that never went away from my gym incident.

My body seemed to always be in pain and I was feeling terribly fatigued every day. I also discovered that I was having trouble balancing myself in the subway when the train was moving, which I couldn't understand since I was pretty strong muscularly.

"The final straw came when I took a plane flight. During the landing descent, I experienced an excruciating pain from within both of my ears and I nearly passed out."

Subsequently, I attempted to take another flight not long after that and this problem occurred again. This time around, it felt even worse. Both my ears turned burning red and the pressure nearly busted my eardrums. From that day onward, I realized that I could no longer go on airplane flights. I was literally stuck on land for the next 7 years in Southeast Asia.

I began seeing many doctors including General Practitioners, ENT specialists, Chiropractors, and Sports Medicine doctors for my various symptoms. None of them could really identify what my real problem was. They all had their own ideas and suggested various medications and surgeries. I ended up flooding myself with painkillers to cope.

At the beginning of 2010, I stumbled upon a woman Mongolian Osteopath versed in ancient healing techniques. Being in Asia, I started to open myself up to holistic medicinal approaches. Since none of the mainstream Westernized doctors could cure me, I thought to myself “why not?”.

My first session with the her was one that I could never forget. It was the MOST physically painful experience I've ever had. She said that I had developed too many internal blockages and that the “chi” wasn’t flowing freely throughout my body.

By the end of the first session, some "chi" blockages loosened up from the unique cupping technique she used on me. This made some toxins surface throughout my body (as seen in these pics). However, that was just the start of a long treatment process. To further aid my self-healing, I bought the same non-invasive devices my Mongolian Osteopath was using on me.

In particular, the Chi Machine and E-Power Machine. These devices significantly improved my circulation, oxygen absorption and cellular health. Slowly but surely, I finally started seeing improvements.

In 2015, I met my wife and she had rendered the most support towards my healing recovery.

"Through her research, I managed to see a doctor who specializes in muscular disorders and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia."

The doctor gave me a steroid injection to loosen up the hard knots in my muscles but it was only a temporary fix and relief. The real part of the healing process was still up to me to work on.

I continued using the Chi Machine and E-Power devices religiously to further aid in my self-healing. In July 2016 at the age of 41, I was finally able to take a maiden flight to the UK with my wife for a proper vacation. It was my first flight in 7 years!

Now that I could fly again, I made my way back home to the US for good at the end of 2017. Ever since then, I continue to believe in the power of natural self-healing and do my best to educate others on how to achieve good health.

"From my life experience, optimal health only happens when "chi" can freely flow throughout the body, which is dependent on the body's flexibility, blood circulation, oxygen intake and nutrient absorption at the cellular level."

In 2018, I made a trip back to Asia to visit friends and relatives. I also went back to visit the Mongolian Osteopath, who helped treat, educate and set me on the right path to restoring my health. While visiting her, she did an energy test on my body with a fluorescent tube light to evaluate how well my "chi" was flowing and I was very pleased with the result. I had come a really long way and my health improved tremendously!

"I now do yoga and meditation as a part of my self-healing journey."

Today, I'm still a work-in-progress and about 95% healed. My last migraine was over a year ago. Yoga and stretching has vastly improved my flexibility, further allowing the "chi" to flow even better. I still use the Chi Machine and E-Power to maintain optimal health and now so does my wife, as it's helped treat her motion sickness!

By overcoming our own personal health challenges, we set up ZenKinetix to help others improve their health by promoting products that have helped us in our self-healing journey. At this current time, we are also working on our own proprietary wellness product that will help to unblock the "chi" flow as well as greatly enhance the body's flexibility. In addition, we will soon be launching our own line of all-natural beauty products.

"I struggled with my health for years, but have finally found my healing path."

~ Jez Rucerito

What started out as a cold sore at the corner of my lip turned into a face rash lasting for 3 months. The condition was Perioral Dermatitis, an inflammatory rash around the mouth that can spread to the nose and cheeks, and is one of the most difficult skin condition to cure straightaway. The cause is much unknown but has been attributed to application of steroid cream, which made sense to me when I applied those cream to originally treat my cold sore.

The cold sore went away, but a much bigger problem arose. I started itching around my chin area and had raised red bumps that created a burning sensation. Within 2-3 days, the rash got to my nose and pus started oozing out from it. There was crust forming around the rash and they kept oozing pus.

I started treating the rash with home remedies that I researched from the internet that included applying tea tree oil, lavender oil, apple cider vinegar, and although they seemed to have suppressed my situation, my rash wasn't healing. Nothing was really working. One day after a shower, my neck went on to develop more rash.

You may wonder why I didn't go to the doctors or dermatologist, but I had research from many who had Perioral Dermatitis, and they said that visiting the doctors were just a waste of time. All they would do is give you medication and some cream that were just temporary fix. Once they go off the treatment, their rash came back with a vengeance!

While researching for more solution, my husband and I came across a few blogs which mentioned that the first thing to eliminate is the existence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) from your cleansing agents such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, body wash and shampoo.

I took a good look at the ingredients of the things I used and they ALL had SLS! One mystery down... the very first reason why my rash wasn't going away! So without any further delay, we replaced them with only all-natural chemical-free items. 

Since Perioral Dermatitis affects the chin area the most, toothpaste was a critical item. I was very surprised to see that most commercial toothpastes have SLS, and only a very small handful of brands did not. Ever since using a SLS-free toothpaste, replacing my shampoo, eliminating make-up, washing my face and neck with water only, and using the Eczema Relief Cream by GoldBond, my rash finally started to diminish. By the 10th day of this routine, I was starting to look almost normal. All in all, my rash only cleared up after the 3rd month.

"Ever since recovering from my rash, I found the sheer importance of using chemical-free cleansing products."

My rash is gone and has never returned. Still, I do not take my skin for granted and take care of myself by maintaining the all-natural routine. This situation is what inspired my husband and I to start our own line of chemical-free products, starting with the basic... toothpaste! Now that we have created our own ZenKinetix Neem Herbal Toothpaste, we brush with it everyday knowing that there is not a single harmful chemical in it!

"We now keep a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle and inspire others to do the same."

Daniel & Jez Rucerito