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If you are a health guru who loves to help people get better health and at the same time be financially rewarded, this may be the best business opportunity for you! NO minimum inventory required, NO costly start-up investment, NO monthly quotas to deliver. Simply spread the love, refer, and when a sale comes through, you earn.

3 Ways To Earn Your Income. Your Choice!

Become a Chi Machine Distributor

Join the family that has helped over 6 million people changed their lives for the better. Most suitable for health coaches, homeopaths, holistic practitioners, health influencers, spa owners, message therapists, etc.


Join Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

Whether you are a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, or a wellness practitioner who wants to help others get good health through proper nutrition and fresh produce, the JuicePlus+ franchise is perfect for you.


Be our Toothpaste Ambassador

If you have a wellness website and would like to add more products to your site, simply sign up as our affiliate and enjoy 10% commission rebate every time someone buys our toothpaste from your website.



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Becoming a Chi Machine Distributor (HTE)

How It Works

  • All you need (to become an authorized HTE Distributor) is first own at least one Chi Machine either from a new purchase or a previous purchase with us.
  • With at least one Chi Machine owned, you can apply and sign up as a HTE Member at USD29.95 (sign-up fee), which comes with a Distributor Kit that details the commission structure and everything you need to know about building your business.
  • You will be given access to the Member's Portal to view statements, payouts, performances and information kits.
  • You will also gain access (notified through e-newsletters) to partake in online trainings, web meetings and sharing sessions to learn more about the company and its products.
  • Upon every sale of Chi Machine through your own referrals, you get compensated 13% to start and then progressively get higher % rebates as you accumulate points from selling.
  • Apart from owning one Chi Machine and the Membership Sign-up Fee, you DO NOT need to stock up inventory, thus there is NO minimum inventory requirement nor any monthly sales quota.
  • To continue and maintain as a HTE Distributor year-on-year, an annual membership renewal of $25 applies.
  • That's all! It's that simple!
Choose Your Option:

1. I want to get a Chi Machine for myself and also sign-up as a HTE Member >>

2. I've already got a Chi Machine and would like to sign up as a HTE Member >>