Energy Therapy
Healing Technology From Japan

Recharge & Balance Your Body

The SOQI E-Power Machine

Due to technological advancement within our environment, many diseases and health problems today are caused by the formation of positive electrical charges, such as EMF radiation exposure. Unknowingly, we deprive our bodies of negative potential, which lead to many illnesses.

Medically non-invasive, the E-Power machine originally created in Japan, is similarly a type of PEMF therapy but provides Negative Potential Energy (Anion Effect) with High Frequency Energy (Resonance). Combining negative potential and high frequency low voltage, it helps balance and recharge the body’s cells, generating the much needed energy to our bodies at a cellular level.

Key Health Benefits

Promotes better blood circulation * Helps support and enhance the body’s immune * Supports healthy digestion and increases metabolism * Provides temporary relief of muscle tension and soreness * Allows cells to have better nutrient, oxygen and H20 absorption

The Human Bioelectric Field

"We are harming our bodies without knowing it."

Things such as power lines, smart meters, computers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves and environmental pollution emit EMF radiation and produce large amounts of positive ions in the air. These positively charged ions disturb our natural bio-electric field, and can cause the development of disease and illnesses.

Cells And Electricity

Since you can only be as healthy as the cells in your body, it’s critically important to understand how to keep your cells alive and well. Cells that have a negative potential charge within their cell membrane compared to a more positive potential charge outside of their membrane are considered to be healthy cells.

Each human being has about 38 trillion cells inside the body. Each of these cells carries electricity within it, which ranges from about 15-70 millivolts per cell. Young children’s cells tend to have even more electricity in them ranging from 70-90 millivolts. As we age though, our negative potential tends to decrease within our cells.

Are Your Cells Low On Electricity?

People who are sick with a cold or flu experience a reduction in negative potential, as their cells will fall to about 50-60 millivolts. Those suffering from serious illness and disease such as cancer will tend to have only about 15-20 millivolts of electricity per cell.

Healthy Cells vs. Unhealthy Cells

Healthy cells contain 70+ millivolts and have an equal balance of negative potential inside the cell membrane and positive potential outside the cell membrane. This allows oxygen, nutrients and H20 to be absorbed into the cell while waste can easily exit the cell in order for it to function properly.

Unhealthy cells contain less than 70 millivolts and are unbalanced with too much positive potential inside the cell membrane as well as positive potential outside the cell membrane. This inhibits oxygen, nutrients and H20 from being absorbed into the cell and also traps waste inside the cell, causing it to drop in its voltage.

The E-Power helps to increase your negative potential in combination with high frequency energy. It uses the human body as a capacitor. By generating 70 kHz of high frequency low voltage electrical waves, it produces an internal energy that will revitalize and re-energize you. As this energy spreads throughout your body, it generates a balanced electrical field on both sides of the cell membrane.

Naturally Restore Your Bioelectric Field While Relaxing

Simply sit down, raise your feet off the floor and wrap the belt around your waist. Relax while you increase your electrical potential and restore balance at the cellular level.

Comes With One E-Power Belt & Indicator Pen

E-Power Machine $620 Special Price! (Reg. $650)


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Machines are supplied with:

  • US electrical plug 110-120V ~60HZ for USA, Canada & South America
  • EU electrical plug 220-240V ~50HZ for Europe & Asia
  • AU electrical plug 220-240V ~50HZ for Australia & New Zealand
  • UK electrical plug 220-240V ~50HZ for UK, Singapore & Malaysia
Plug adapter (if required) is not included in the product and shipping.

    You can buy the E-Power Machine in USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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    Important Precautions Before & While Using The E-Power Machine:

    1. Drink 1 glass of water an hour before and another glass of water within 1 hour after using the E-Power machine.
    2. You MUST not touch or make physical contact with anyone while using the E-Power machine or else you will create an arc of electricity that will hurt the both of you.
    3. You MUST not touch or use any electronic devices including cell phones, computers, electronic games, calculators, etc. while using the E-Power machine or else damage could occur.
    4. People with kidney conditions should NOT use the E-Power too much until the kidney problems improve.
    5. Your bare feet MUST not make contact with the floor directly. Feet must be elevated. If sitting down while using the E-Power machine, your feet can rest on a plastic or wooden stool that is not made of any conductive elements.


    • Have a fever
    • Have any tumors
    • Have a pacemaker
    • Are pregnant or menstruating
    • Have any metallic, silicon or gel implants
    • Have had any alcohol within the last 1 hour
    • Have any history of heart or kidney conditions

    FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device

    The Soqi E-Power Machine is FDA registered as a Class 1 medical device in the US.

    View FDA’s Official Device Listing for the E-Power Machine >

    FDA Classification Meaning (3 Classes of Medical Devices):

    • Class I devices are low-risk devices. Examples include ankle braces, therapeutic massager, non-electric wheelchairs.
    • Class II devices are intermediate-risk devices. Examples include blood pressure cuffs, syringes, surgical gloves.
    • Class III devices are high-risk devices that are very important to health or sustaining life. Examples include pacemakers, implanted prosthetics, high frequency ventilators.

    The E-Power Machine does not meet the criteria of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or Home Medical Equipment (HME) and does not qualify for Medical Insurance Claims. View DME Coverage for more information.