Far Infrared
Waist Support Belt

Alleviate Back Pain. Improve Posture.

Far Infrared Waist Support Belt

The FIR Waist Support was developed by the same innovative infrared technologies that created the SOQI FIR Pad. It’s comfortable to wear and ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your waist and firmly support your back.

Made from breathable fabric and infrared bio-ceramic slices, it provides soothing warmth that helps heat your body and alleviates backaches. It also further enhances the strength of the muscles and ligaments around the waist, which assists in preventing injury and reduces stress on the lower back.


    Relaxes muscles * Increases energy levels * Improves blood circulation * Supports proper posture and body alignment * Suitable for those who have leg pain and cold feet

    Over 27 Years Of Experience
    In Back Support Products

    Developed With Groundbreaking New Technology


    1. Bio-Ceramic Rubber Slices:

    Using your own body temperature to activate heat and enhance healing process

    • Better flexibility
    • Longer heat retention
    • Increase heat efficiency with larger coverage

    2. Ergonomic Design:

    Refined design optimized with human factor engineering and science

    • Double layers Elastic Band
    • Fits all body shape
    • Effectively maintain body posture

    3. Top Notch Back Support:

    For durability and great comfort

    • With memory feature sustain to its shape after each use
    • Enhanced stitching and knitting area on the waist support, therefore threads do not fall off and lasts longer
    • Upgraded heavy-duty Velcro for connecting areas for practical and durable usage
    • Designed with special material providing better ventilation for your body

    Available In Different Sizes

    Variety of sizes, suitable for your needs. Increased width of the waist band, add more protection for your lumbar and vertebra.

    Small (S) Waist 23-25 Inches
    Medium (M) Waist 26-30 Inches
    Large (L) Waist 31-35 Inches
    Extra Large (XL) Waist 36-39 Inches
    Extra Extra Large (XXL) Waist 40-50 Inches


    HTE FIR Waist Support Belt $79.00


    Buy With Confidence! We Offer a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (USA Only) and 6 Months Warranty.

    *We are an Independent Distributor of HTE USA:
    Our HTE ID is # A261350.


    Do NOT use the FIR Waist Support Belt if you are menstruating, pregnant or having a fever.